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Financial Inclusion & Literacy (Kudeena)

985 million women in the world are financially excluded and 30% of these women are in emerging markets- Nigeria, Egypt, Mexico, Bangladesh, India and Indonesia.

According to Efina 2018 Access to Finance Survey, 36.8% of the adult population in Nigeria are financially excluded with women constituting 55.9% of this statistics. To put it in numbers, we have 20.5 million adult women in Nigeria who are financially excluded. These women have no income or unreliable income at best and it is imperative that we break this cycle by giving them access to the formal financial system.

Kudeena (my money) is our flagship programme that drives inclusive finance for low-income and forcibly displaced women in Nigeria. We are focused on onboarding these women living in underserved communities into the financial system and providing them with access to affordable financial products and services such as savings accounts, micro-insurance, micro-pension and micro-credits.

We also conduct financial literacy trainings using local content/language and tools for easy adoption by the women.


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IDP Women Microcredit Scheme

2 in every 3 IDP woman you meet bears the burden of providing food and care for their families in the camps and their vulnerabilities have been deepened with the COVID-19 pandemic as they and their families face increased risk to hunger and continued poverty.

Unfortunately, Internally Displaced (IDP) women are not an obvious focus for many financial service providers seeing as they have little or no assets, lack economic or purchasing power and face the risk of increased displacement and instability. They live around us in our cities yet are largely ignored and cut off from access to infrastructure and institutions that should improve their standard of living.

We have interacted, advocated for and supported these women for almost a year and believe the time has come for us to create a product that will meet their needs; delivered in a way that is understood and relevant to them.

The IDP Women Microcredit Scheme was carefully developed to provide loans to the women who already have microenterprises within the camp and host communities to enable them recover from the economic devastation caused by COVID-19, revive and scale up their businesses.

We are convinced that the gains from this financial product beyond driving inclusive finance and closing the exclusion gap; will serve as part of the post COVID-19 economic recovery plan towards reintegrating them back into society.

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Rendra Agent Network

In addition to on-boarding the women we serve into the financial system, we empower them through the Rendra Agent Platform to provide access to basic financial services within their communities.

They are trained to facilitate account opening, bill payments, cash deposits and withdrawal in a safe, easy and convenient way; generating sustainable income for themselves by earning a commission on transactions. They become empowered Rendra Women

MSME Women Microcredit Scheme

We support the women with micro-credits to be used as working capital for their micro-businesses to keep the business sustainable and help them route their way out of poverty. We put each potential lender in 3 risk-rating categories and give them funds up to N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira only) with a maximum tenor of 6 months.

Our approach to micro-lending is the use of a group lending structure in which loans are released to the first 10 women in the group of 20. We watch their performance in repaying the principal and interest for 2 months after which the other members of the group become eligible for the loan.

This approach keeps them accountable and committed to repaying the loan as there is pressure from the group to keep individual records clear. The collective responsibility of the group in addition to an approval from the community head serves as collateral for the loan.

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